Why You Should Purchase from Sir Spice

We know how hard it is to find top quality, fresh, whole spices.  Over the years the spice trade has lost many flavors to mass production, over processing, and cutting corners just to keep prices low.  We aim to provide the high quality flavors that existed in traditional times in our spice trade.

    We only sell fresh, current crop herbs and spices.
    Each season each spice is carefully selected among the best varieties in the world.
    Only a single variety passes our rigorous testing, and we only sell that variety.
    All our spices and herbs are naturally grown and processed. They are as pure as spices can get.
    Our spices are free from irradiation and other chemical preservation treatments. This is only possible due to our strict quality control standards.

      We partner with the greatest farmers and suppliers around the world to provide the highest grades achievable in spices.  We can promise their flavors are fit for even the most royal and picky of cooks!