Indian Green Peppercorn

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Air Dried Indian Green peppercorns are known for being an inexpensive, yet delicious alternative to freeze dried berries. No matter whether you use them in delicate salads, soups, or vegetable dips, they have a mild, sweet flavor and pleasing aroma.

Air Dried Indian Green peppercorns are similar to Freeze Dried versions in the sense that they are harvested before the berries turn black. Instead of being freeze dried, they are air-dried and then packed for shipment. While they have a delicious flavor and aroma, they should not be used with overpowering herbs or black and white peppercorns. That said, they still offer an exotic flavor that will spice up any dish and leave visitors wondering what tastes so delicious. In fact, many people prefer air dried greens to freeze dried peppercorns for pepper steaks and grilled dishes. 

To use Air Dried Indian Green peppercorns, put them in water until they swell to full size. These soft peppercorns can be crushed between your fingers and sprinkled into sauces as well as in garnishes. They can also be easily added to guacamole and other dishes where a bit of tang is needed without the hard texture associated with other peppercorns on the market

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