Vietnamese Black Peppercorn

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Vietnamese peppercorns impart a delicate, citrus flavor to foods--- with just enough heat to grab your attention and keep it. These are large black peppercorns with a yellow center. They tend to have a lemony flavor that compliments just about any kind of vegetable salad and dressing.

In particular, many chefs are now using these peppercorns to flavor Caesar salad dressing recipes and related side dishes in the main meal. If you like a bit of lemony tang to fish, Vietnamese peppercorns will make the perfect complement to baked fish, stews, and fried fish. You may even want to use some of these peppercorns to lemon juice or other beverages for the sake of their heat and mysterious flavor.

To use these peppercorns, you will need to grind them in a conventional mill, since the berries are quite hard and will not grind well in a table shaker grinder combo. As with other varieties of peppercorn, they should be ground just before use, since they lose their flavor quickly when left exposed to the air. Since Vietnamese peppercorns impart a delicious smell to the air, you may just find yourself grinding them to enjoy a bit of citrus tang aroma in your kitchen.

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