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Black Peppercorn Sampler Pack

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Our most popular peppercorn product!

Four resealable bags (1 lb!) of peppercorns as follows:

  • Malabar Black from India
  • Sarawak Black from Malaysia
  • Tellicherry Black from India
  • Vietnamese Black from Vietnam

This is our most popular product for good reason.  You get the opportunity to try all of our black peppercorns,  and decide which variety you like best (yes, they are all subtly but noticeably different).  What we recommend you do is have a pepper tasting by opening each bag and testing the aroma of each (without actually tasting them in your mouth).  The aroma is generally a good indicator of what the flavor will be like.  Select one to put in you mill and start testing. 

Most customers find one or two favorites to select for reordering in larger quantities.  Taste and enjoy the ride!


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