Sea Salt Sampler Pack

Our four best selling Sea-Salts in a bundled package.

  • Alaea Hawaiian Red Sea-Salt (8 oz)
  • Organic Sel Gris de Guérande Sea-Salt (8 oz)
  • Sonoma Pacific Kosher Flaked Salt (4 oz)
  • Salish Alder Smoked Salt (7 oz)

We have selected four Sea-Salts that are very popular with our customers and which span a wide variety of uses.  Better yet, you can save money with this bundled package. 

  • The Alaea Red is our first choice for use in a Salt Mill, with its rich, almost spicy flavor. 
  • The Celtic Gray/Sel Gris is world known as a quality sea-salt best used in as dish or salt cellar. 
  • The Sonoma Kosher Flaked is a light fluffy and versatile salt that may be used in a grinder, applied by hand or used to lightly coat the rim of a cocktail glass. 
  • The Salish Alder Smoked salt can really liven up a marinade or dipping sauce and is great for creating a smoky flavor for grilled or poached salmon. 

This is a sampler pack that you simply cannot go wrong with.

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