Three Color Sampler Pack

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Sample three of our most popular peppercorns in a convenient sampler pack!  You will receive:

Vietnamese Black Peppercorn (2 oz):  Perfect for everyday use.  Vietnamese peppercorns start off slightly sweet and finish with a punch of heat.  We recommend fine to medium coarse grinds.

Muntok White Peppercorn (4 oz):  White peppercorns are the same as black peppercorns with the outer shell removed.  These create a constant taste (steady heat) from start to finish.  White peppercorns are preferred over black throughout Asia and are thought of as a more premium peppercorn.  We recommend a fine grind and love using this on our salads!

Indian Green Peppercorn (2 oz):  Recreate your favorite steakhouse dinner at home!  Our Indian Green peppercorns are air dried and perfect for making a simple green peppercorn sauce.  At parties, we also like to add green peppercorns to our olive oil during bread service … everyone raves about the little kick it adds!

Purchased separately the total cost would be $24.15, but purchase this pack for $19.95 (21% savings!).


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