Celtic Gray Sea Salt

Celtic Gray Sea Salt is an unrefined organic sun-dried "Sel Gris" Sea-Salt with medium-coarse texture.  It originates from the Guérande region of the Northern coast of France and is harvested in the traditional Celtic way from open air clay-lined ponds, and includes abundant trace minerals responsible for the gray color and distinct flavor. 

This flavorful salt is moist and not recommended for use in a mill, being more commonly served in a small dish.  This Sea-Salt is very typical of salts that were available prior to the introduction of modern vacuum distillation process.  This salt is packed with flavor and it lower in sodium than regular table salt.  This Sea-Salt is also certified as organic, meaning that no metal implements were used during harvesting.

Anyone that adores French cuisine cannot go wrong with Celtic Gray Organic Sea Salt.  Celtic Gray Organic Sea Salt is perfect for meat dishes, as well as cheese soups, salads, and baked casseroles.

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