French Rose Peppercorn

French Rose Peppercorns are a delightfully sweet peppercorn grown and harvested on Reunion, a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean.  The corns are light and soft with a sweet and mildly acidic flavor.  Rub the berries between your fingers. The pink "paper" comes off the center corn. The paper is used on top of martinis, chocolate cookies or any where a sweet  "crunch" followed by a whisper of pepper would be welcome.  Use the whole peppercorn in nouveau cuisine dishes or to flavor chicken, pork, veal, or in any marinade where sweetness is a feature. 

From cream cheese and bagels to tangy omlettes, you are sure to find rose peppercorns in signature dishes. In fact, if you want to recapture the exotic taste of a south Pacific vacation, use these peppercorns in beverages, deserts, in fruit salads, or even on bananas dipped in chocolate. This incredibly versatile peppercorn can also add just a hint of sweet flavor to pork, beef, and chicken recipes.  

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