Madagascar Black Peppercorn

Madagascar peppercorns are largely unknown to American Chefs.  Madagascar pepper features a medium-sized berry brownish-gray in color with a robust aroma reminiscent of hickory smoke or charred oak barrels.  Is especially good for meats but also very versatile for general use.  Some Chefs in France refuse to use anything else, and it is definitely one of our favorites. 

The island of Madagascar was once a colony of France and the close relationship continues with most of their peppercorns being exported to there.  Anyone seeking to recapture that smoky, robust flavor of French meat dishes needs to try Madagascar Peppercorns. You might also want to try Madagascar Peppercorns in dried food products. From tomatoes to home-made beef jerky, these peppercorns can make it seem like your dried foods were slowly cooked for days on an outdoor camp fire. In addition, vegans and vegetarians craving the smoky flavor of bacon or meat products will love the ‘oak and hickory’ taste imparted by Madagascar Peppercorns.

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