Muntok White Peppercorn

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Muntok white peppercorns are the most common white pepper. The pepper tends to have a hot, creamy flavor and are the perfect complement for seafood dishes. In particular, a number of chefs use these peppercorns to add just the right balance for signature crab and clam dishes. These peppercorns also add just the right amount of zip and creamy flavor to fish stew and potato soup. If you are looking to add a bit of tang to hush puppies or other dishes that rely on onions, this peppercorn may also add just the right balance of heat and mystery.

Typically, black peppercorn berries are allowed to remain on the bush until they begin to turn orange or yellow. After harvest, Muntok White peppercorns are soaked in water until the black shell falls off. The remaining white colored berries are left to dry in the sun and then packaged for shipment.

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