Tellicherry Black Peppercorn

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Tellicherry peppercorn comes from the same region as Malabar, and is a quality designation reserved for the largest and highest quality berries. It is generally recognized as a premium black pepper. The main difference from Malabar is that the berries are allowed to ripen on the vines longer allowing the flavor to develop more fully. There is a balancing act involved to allow maximum development of size and flavor of the berries on the vine without allowing sugar content to rise to where losses will occur from spoiling or predation by birds. The result is a slightly larger peppercorn that has a slightly less pungent flavor but a more complex aroma with hints of cherries, juniper and cedar. The complex aroma of Tellicherry is much like walking into a spice shop and trying to sort out a wide array of pleasant aromas.

When you first detect the aroma of Tellicherry peppercorns, it will remind you of juniper, cedar, and cherry--- with just a hint of something more exotic. While this peppercorn is not as hot as some others, it does have a distinctive flavor that enhances without overpowering. It works well with meats, soups, salads, baked, and fried foods.

A note on pricing:
Real Tellicherry peppercorn has increased in price over 89% during the previous 3 years. An unfortunate corollary of that fact is there appears to be a lot of product offered as "Tellicherry" that has some dubious origins. Tellicherry comes only from India, and applies only to product grown there that has been awarded that designation Tellicherry by the Indian authorities. Our Tellicherry is the real deal.

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