Velvet de Guerande Sea Salt

Velvet de Guerande is essentially the same kind of salt as Celtic Gray salt. It is harvested from clay ponds in Northern France. Unlike Celtic Gray, this particular salt has been dried out and ground to make a very fine powder. Even a tiny pinch of this salt can impart far more flavor than you would expect for such a tiny amount.

This particular salt is perfect for anything that requires a salt dip. If you love a bit of tang with fresh bananas, watermelon, or even chocolate covered strawberries, Velvet de Guerande will suit your needs. Velvet is also the perfect salt for anyone that needs to be on a low sodium diet. Because this salt imparts so many flavors, it takes less than half the usual amount to season your foods and beverages.

To use Velvet de Guerande, simply open the package when it arrives. Since it is already finely ground, you do not need to use a salt mill. When adding it to a salt shaker, make sure that you can place it in an airtight container. Velvet de Guerande is an extremely dry salt, and will pick up water from the atmosphere in a matter of minutes. 

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